Manage your Clients like a Fortune 500 Agency

Gridle helps you manage Leads, Proposals, Clients, Invoicing and Revenues under a single roof.

Client Experience Platform for Agencies & Freelancers

Leads | Proposals | Clients | Invoicing | Revenues

Close more Deals

  • Manage Workflows: Set up processes so your Sales people always know what to do next.
  • Stay on Top: Sales Pipeline shows you the items that need your attention so you never miss an Opportunity.
  • Gain Visibility: Take control by getting real-time reports and statuses for all of your team's Sales Activities.

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Kanban view of Leads
Create a new Proposal

Send Impactful Proposals

  • Move Quickly: Create Proposals and Contracts in no time with Pre-defined Templates and Items.
  • Enable Team: Centralize Communication with Stakeholders while maintaining Total and Complete Context.
  • Gain Visibility: Take control by getting real-time Reports and Statuses for all of your Team's Proposals.

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Put Clients in the Centre

  • Manage Clients: Add clients and their contacts on the platform with restricted access.
  • Complete History: Find history with a particular client in one place across projects, proposals and invoices.
  • Client Dashboard: Offer a completely simplified experience for your clients to access proposals, pay invoices and submit tickets on Projects.

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Access all your Clients
Free Forever Invoicing Software

Realise Revenue

  • Save Time: Automate Tedious Recurring Tasks, from Invoicing Workflows to Payment Reminders.
  • Get Paid Online: Integrate with Online Payment Gateways and enable your clients to clear their Dues Quicker.
  • Gain Visibility: Take control by getting real-time reports and statuses for all of your Outstanding Payments.

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