Affiliate Terms in Plain English

General Guidelines for Partnering with Gridle


This is our version of plain and simple affiliate policy that will help you kick start your affiliate journey with Gridle (Pivoting Softwares Private Limited). We believe that no one has ever read lengthy policies, so we will keep this one very short and make an easy Do and Don't list for you.

When you sign up for Gridle as an affiliate, you automatically accept all our Terms.


  • You can refer your links to your friends & customers.
  • You can refer to your links on social media.
  • You can run Ads on different networks (As long as you are not bidding for "Gridle".
  • You can share your links to your email list.
  • You can share your links by making a video on YouTube.
  • You can share your links by writing a blog post.
  • Play legit and be cool 🙂


  • Self-referral is not allowed. (In case if it was done by mistake, contact our support within 48 hours of making the purchase.)
  • No creation of other accounts or company accounts will be validated to purchase with your link.
  • As an affiliate, no cross-referrals with another affiliate/user should be done.
  • Don't spam the internet. (No one likes working with spammers)
  • No bidding on "Gridle" as a keyword on Ad platforms.

Commission and Payout Terms


  • We offer a 20% commission for every successful sale/transaction.
  • We make your payments directly to your PayPal account on Net 30 day basis.
    E.g. Lets say 2 users made payments to Gridle from your affiliate link. User 1 made a payment on 5th April 2020 and User 2 made a payment on 25th April 2020. You will receive your payment on 30th May 2020.