Ignite achieved 90% quicker conversions with Gridle

Ignite is one of the largest Incubation & Co-Working Spaces in Gujarat. They use Gridle to manage their complete client life-cycle.

14000+ Sqft. Space

Ignite offers a comprehensive co-working space to Entrepreneurs.

250+ Clients

They currently serve over 250+ co-workers in their swanky co-working space.

90% Higher Conversion

Because of Gridle follow ups on Proposals, they were able to get 90% higher conversions.

Premise and Background

Tired of using multiple platforms like Excel Sheets, Docs, PPTs and Skype, Kalp from Ignite came to know about Gridle from one of his friend. He requested a product demo.

A demo was scheduled after understanding the issues they faced with the system they had in place. Post the demo, the company signed up for the trial to better evaluate the value Gridle could provide.

Premise and Background
Implementation Process

Implementation Process

One of the major issues the company was struggling with was they would spend hours every week finding relevant details on each customer across various spreadsheets and documents. Since they used multiple channels to manage clients, their work was more about knowing when to follow up rather than actually growing the company.

Previously, they had to use Spreadsheets, Google Docs, Gmail, WhatsApp and Skype to manage their client life-cycle across leads, clients, proposals and invoicing. Gridle replaced about half of them and integrated with the rest and became the one stop solution which informed them everything they needed to work on.

Streamlined Client Management

"We previously used MS Office tools like Word and Excel sheets to manage our leads, clients, proposals and invoices. With Gridle, we were able to manage the complete client life-cycle at one place. The dashboard is a life-saver." - Kalp Bhatt, Lead - Ops & Strategy, Ignite

Higher Conversions in Less Time

With Gridle they were were able to manage their leads and customers, create proposals, send invoices, make payments, have discussions and update statuses. Earlier these tasks were achieved using multiple tools but Gridle helped them follow up with about 500 leads in less than a month and close the ones worthy. This was a 200% jump from what they used to achieve earlier.

More importantly, now they had to use just one software to keep track of their priorities and activities across sales & recovery teams. This helped them manage their processes on the go.

Premise and Background

So, did it all work out?

As it turns out, Ignite's productivity increased drastically since they stopped juggling between multiple software and tools. Thus, wasting less time and doing more work.

Stop working like it's the 90s. Your Agency is better than this!

Ignite is a classic example of how a non-profit organization uses Gridle to manage customers and build a world class client management process.