Legalwiz's One Stop Solution: Gridle

Legalwiz was able to achieve 28% quicker conversion across their 45+ affiliates with Gridle.

5000+ Customers

Legalwiz has served over 5000+ clients for their compliance needs.

45+ Affiliates

With a lean team, they work with their 45+ affiliates across the country.

28% Quicker Conversion

They've been able to convert their leads 28% faster with Gridle Proposals.

Premise and Background

Just out of curiosity, after reading about us on a website, Shrijay signed up to see what Gridle was all about. Our customer success team got in touch with him.

A team demo was scheduled after understanding that the company used emails and Whatsapp to manage their clients. Post the demo, the company signed up for the premium trial to better evaluate the value Gridle promised to provide.

Premise and Background
Implementation Process

Implementation Process

Previously, they would spend hours every week finding proposals in mails sent by them weeks earlier. They would scout their sent items and see if invoices have been followed up on. They used to star, label and categorize every email that came into their inbox. It was inefficient.

With Gridle, they had one single place. Just one screen which would tell them what stage their clients were and provided them with clarity on client life-cycle across all their vendors, affiliates and customers. They could update relevant statuses and share resources as and when they were done with them. Quick, simple and productive.

Effortless Client Management. Delivered.

"For us, Gridle is a one stop solution for managing our clients. We previously used whatsapp, emails, dropbox and spreadsheets. Now we use Gridle. Our time to conversion has improved by over 28%." - Shrijay, Founder,

Management became faster

Everybody knew exactly what their clients & leads were upto. Their clients would approve proposals on Gridle itself, receive invoices and pay as well. Everyone had information they needed. Inbox hell was over for them. Gridle delivered what it promised. Peace of mind.

Legalwiz was and is our first paid customer. They significantly helped us understand industry’s needs and pushed us to build better experiences for our users. Remarkable feedbacks from their teams helped us at Gridle deliver faster and with agility. We re-iterate: Our customers and us are partners; part of a larger Gridle’s ecosystem.

Premise and Background

So, did it all work out?

As it turns out when Legalwiz had just 1 place to manage clients, their teams and employees ended up increasing their output. Not by working more but by wasting less time.

Stop working like it's the 90s. Your Agency is better than this!

Legalwiz is a classic example of how a complex network of services and affiliates used Gridle to perform like the world class company they set out to build.