achieved 15% higher retention with Gridle is a hyper-growth engine for restaurants. They use Gridle to manage their complete client life-cycle.

100+ Customers

They serve over 100+ outlets with their scalable platform.

1 Accnt. Manager

They have only 1 accnt. manager who looks after all customers.

15% Higher Retention

They have seen 15% higher customer retention after using Gridle.

Premise and Background

Drishti was in the audience when we received the award for being one of the most innovative tech companies. She signed up right there and then.

We never even demo-ed the product or spoke to her team until recently when we wanted to do the case-study. Her team signed up, invited other people, joined our premium trial and became our customer without our intervention.

Premise and Background
Implementation Process

Implementation Process

Previously, they would spend hours every week finding relevant details on each customer across various documents and spread sheets. They would scout their sent items and follow up with clients on payments and with potential leads in case they hadn’t responded.

Previously, they had to used whatsapp, Gmail, spreadsheets and google docs to manage their client life-cycle across leads, proposals and invoicing. With Gridle, they did not have to do that. They were able to track their leads, send templatised proposals, share invoices, follow up and get paid on time; right from one single place.

Client Management was Easier and Effective

"We used a lot of different tools to manage our clients. Gridle has successfully centralised all of our client interactions which gives us unique insights and a significant increase in Productivity." - Drishti, Key Account Manager,

Better Client Management

For one, Gridle was easy and had lead stage tracking. This way, all sales manager would know statuses on leads and whether they were in negotiation or qualified or closed or lost or archived. And for two, they never lost on qualitative analysis of their sales performance.

Our flexible, clear and transparent pricing also played a major role in Drishti's decision to go with us. “I like the honest billing aspect of your pricing the best.” Drishti says referring to our policy where we promise not to charge inactive licenses even though they have been bought.

Premise and Background

So, did it all work out?

As it turns out when had just 1 place to manage their clients, their teams and employees ended up increasing their productivity. Not by working more but by wasting less time.

Stop working like it's the 90s. Your Agency is better than this! is a classic example of how a hyper-growth startup used Gridle to manage their clients and built a world class process that is absolutely instrumental for their future.