Magenta Connect got paid 15% faster with Gridle

Magenta Connect is a Business Intelligence platform that offers Actionable Insights to their Clients

18% Reduced TATs

They were able to turn around their proposals 18% faster with templates

13% Higher Conversion

They were able to increase their conversion from Lead to closure by 13%

15% Faster Payments

Automated Follow ups were able to get them paid 15% faster

Premise and Background

Vikas came to know about Gridle from one of Magenta Connect’s customers. They wanted to use Gridle for implementation. He requested our team demo.

A team demo was scheduled after understanding their needs as an IT products firm. Post the demo, the company signed up for the premium trial to better evaluate the value Gridle would provide.

Premise and Background
Implementation Process

Implementation Process

Previously they used Email to manage clients, Quickbooks for invoicing, Spreadsheets to manage leads and Whatsapp to follow up on the go! Plus Drive to create and share proposals with their clients. Gridle replaced about half of them and integrated with the rest.

One of the major issues the company was struggling with was just admin work. Since they used multiple channels to manage clients, their work was more about knowing when to follow up rather than actually growing the company. Gridle became that once place which told them everything they needed to work on.

Streamlined Client Management

"We previously used PPTs for sending proposals and had to manually follow up for payments. With Gridle, we are able to get our proposals and SLAs executed online and set up recurring invoices with automated follow ups." - Vikas, Chief Executive, Magenta Connect.

Clients were Happier

With client dashboards, they were able to share required information with remote clients as well as their sales teams, affiliates and re-sellers. Customers were happier than before resulting into an increase in repeat business from 33% to a staggering 80%.

It’s not just invoicing or proposals. It’s also the little things. While it’s important to close a lead, it’s also important for the account manager to know the status of the setup. With Gridle, it was a grand total of one click away. This meant informed decisions and faster execution.

Premise and Background

So, did it all work out?

As it turns out when Magenta Connect had just 1 place to manage clients, their teams and clients ended up increasing their productivity. Not by working more but by wasting less time.

Stop working like it's the 90s. Your Agency is better than this!

Magenta Connect is a classic example of how a growing IT products firm used Gridle to manage customers and built world class products they set out to deliver.