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Look no further. Here's the comprehensive list of all features that Gridle offers.

General Features

Staff Members

Add new staff members by filling in their details and setting their permissions.


Create roles to be assigned to staff members and set permissions for the same.

Email Integration

Set up an email to be used whenever you shoot emails to your customers.

Tax rates

Set your tax rates as per your location so that there are never any miscalculations.


Pre-define the currencies that you will accept in your system.

Custom Fields

Set your own custom fields as sometimes what we give might not be enough for you.


Easily find whatever you are looking for by just typing the relevant terms in the search bar.

Activity log

Log all the activites that you do in Gridle so that you can refer them back.


Get to know the real-time stats of every property you have.


New Lead

Easily create and set up data of new leads by filling in their basic information.


Swiftly import leads from your system to Gridle work. Formats accepted .csv, .xls, .xlxs.


Export the lead data to your system in .csv, .xls or .xlxs file format.


Easily define the source from where you acquired your lead.


Set the status of your leads to know on what stage of the buyer's journey they are on.

Kanban view

View your leads in Kanban to easily drag and drop as per the changing status.

List view

If Kanban doesn't suit you, view your leads in the list format.

Assign leads

Assigning leads to your team members has never been easy.


New customer

Create new customers with all the relevant customer data.

New contact

You can easily create new contact by adding informations like name, email, phone, etc.


View all your customers with their associated information in one place.


View all the contacts related to your customers in one single list.


Write notes to remember things associated to a customer.


Directly create proposals for your customer from within the same module.


Set reminders to get notified about tasks related to a customer.


Upload necessary files required for a customer.


Directly delete the complete customer profile from your database.


New proposal

Create new proposals using a pre-defined form for your leads/customers.

List view

View all your proposals in a list with their specific tags.

Kanban view

Drag and drop your proposals from drafts to sent or from open to accepted.

Proposal status

View the status of all the proposals in one place.


Use the various filters to sort your proposals as per your convenience.


Email the proposals to your clients directly from the software.

Attach file

Attach relevant files with your proposals to make it more informative.


Add comments to a proposal to guide other collaborators.


Set reminders to remind yourself about upcoming proposals.


Add notes to remember the necessary things related to a proposal.

Email Tracking

Track the emails of your proposals to know if they have been opened by the recipient.


Customize the proposal as per your requirements.

Merge fields

Use a number of merge fields to easily edit your proposal.

Proposal items

Add all the items you would want to include in your proposal.


Preview your proposal to see how it would look when it is sent to the client.

View tracking

Track if the proposal has been viewed by the customer.


Create new invoice

Create a new invoice for your customers by using a pre-defined invoice form.

Recurring invoices

Set your invoices to recurring while creating them and view them under recurring invoices.


Filter invoices by payment status, payment modes, sale agent, etc.


Export your invoice data to excel, csv or pdf file or print it directly from the software.


Directly email the invoices to your customers from within the software.

Record payments

Recording your payments with all the relevant payment details has never been easier.

Merge invoices

Easily merge duplicate invoices to avoid multiple records.


Set reminders for your invoices to never miss a deadline and get paid on time.


Add relevant notes to remind you of certain important things related to an invoice.

Email tracking

Track if your customer opened the invoice email sent to him.


Create tasks for any of your invoice with the start and due dates.

Views tracking

Get to know if your customer viewed the invoice emailed to him.

Credit notes

Set up credit notes for all your eligible and loyal customers.


Set discounts for your customers and make them stick for long.


New item

Add new item by filling in details like name, description, group, tax rate, and unit.

Import items

Import a .csv file of your items directly to the software.


Create groups to group and sort your items accordingly.


Search an item by their name, description, rate, tax, unit and group name.


Payment mode

Add different payment modes for your invoices and expenses.

Payment Gateways

Set up different payment gateways from a no. of options like PayPal, PayU Money, etc.


Smoothly search the payments data by entering relevant terms in the search bar.


Export your payment data in excel, csv or a pdf file or print them directly for ready reference.

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