We are all in this Together

COVID-19 has not just impacted the health sector but it has also put the Global Economy in Suspended Animation. Here's what we are doing to help our customers through these trying times.

1. No Subscription Costs

It is extremely important that Agencies control their costs and spend their money wisely. Gridle's Client Experience Platform unifies management of leads, proposals, clients, invoices and payments for Agencies. This removes the need to have multiple tools since it replaces tools like Pipedrive, Better Proposals, Invoicely etc all of which charge monthly subscription charges.

Not only that, since Gridle is looking to help small Agencies control their costs, we are launching a limited time Life Time Deal where you get rid of paying for Gridle every month. You pay once and you have Gridle for LifeTime.

So not only does Gridle reduce the number of tools that you use; it also reduces your subscription costs to zero.

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2. Studying Impact through Webinars

Covid-19 has severely impacted complete professional services sector. Digital Agencies most of all. In this 5 part webinar series, we bring on founders and decision makers of Digital Agencies to discuss specific issues around the following topics:

Impact of Covid-19 on Digital Agency Business
- How has this impacted their team (morale, productivity, bonding)?
- How has this impacted their clients (Payments, New Project statuses)?
- What are the steps they are taking to mitigate the impact in coming quarter?
In this series, we have a crisp and to-the-point conversation around these topics for knowledge sharing amongst the community of Digital Agency Businesses.
We have also summarised our learnings into a blog.

3. Aggregating 100+ COVID-19 Discounted Tools

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In these trying times, it is extremely important that as Agency businesses, you control your costs. One good way of going about it is to reduce subscription costs of softwares and products that you use as agencies to manage and grow your businesses.

A lot of software companies have come up with discounts and free plans to help not-for-profits and small businesses. We at Gridle thought that we could put together a categorised list of the same along with information on how to get access to those discounts or free plans in a centralised fashion.

4. Bringing the Community Together

In these trying times, it is extremely important that as Agency Owners and Decision makers, we don't feel alone. We've got to be able to discuss our problems and potential solutions with our peers.

Gridle Community on Facebook, where we would typically talk about the product and how to improve it, has been changed to a support group for Agency owners to discuss ideas about holding up their team's morale, dealing with their clients and managing their cash-flow.

5. Built Your Next Gig for Developers

We built Yournextgig, a platform primarily helping skilled and unskilled people who have lost their jobs, to learn a new digital skill during this lockdown and secure their next gig and earn some extra bucks while working from home (WFH). Online courses are not providing curated courses according to someone’s needs, keeping in mind their specific strengths and weaknesses.

Also, we are looking for seasoned Professionals to join our platform as mentors, if you believe you can help in any other way please connect with us as we are working round the clock to fight this situation.

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