IFP manages sponsorships with Gridle’s deal flow

How the IFP, Asia’s largest film-making event used Gridle to manage sponsorships for their event this year hosting about 26000 film-makers from 182 cities in one location.

51 Team members

Hospitality, Marketing or Sponsorship. Gridle was home to them all.

600 Leads sorted

Highest ever for getting sponsorships. Previously they did less than 200.

5 Events and counting

With Gridle, you and your teams can communicate through video and do more.

Premise and Background

Tired of using inefficient patchwork between Excel Sheets, Asana and Slack, Megha, from IFP, wrote a genuinely curious tweet to us.

Challenge accepted. A team demo was scheduled after understanding issues they faced with the system they had in place. Post the demo, the company signed up for the premium trial to better evaluate the value Gridle would provide.

Implementation Process

They had a system. If you could call it that. Some things happened on calls, others in excel sheets. Parts of it were updated on Asana and some were lost in Slack because they had crossed 10,000 messages. Brochures were forwarded to each other on mail. The team looked at Asana and saw extra effort that they had to do by updating things there. Same issue with excel sheets.

Why it wasn't working? Because it needed extra effort. Gridle provided them with intrinsic individual value. ‘Individual’ being the operative word. Since Gridle made it easier for them individually, it was not about updating things on Gridle, it was about using Gridle to make stuff easy for them as well.

Stopped drowning in excel sheets

"We’ve tried pretty much everything out there. If something isn’t fun or powerful, people and teams will not accept it. Gridle gives you the best of both worlds." - Megha, Manager, IFP

Making way for better deal-flow

They were able to create leads, make notes, have discussions and update statuses. The inefficient patch work of Excel Sheets, slack and Asana was over for them. They were able to follow up with about 600 leads in less than a month and close the important ones. A 300% jump from what they did previously.

More importantly, they had just one place, Gridle-desk, where they could get a bird-eye view of their priorities and activities across multiple teams and projects that they were a part of. Hospitality teams, Marketing teams as well as Operations could manage things on the fly.

So, did it all work out?

As it turns out when IFP had just 1 place to work, their teams and employees ended up increasing their productivity. Not by working more but by wasting less time.

Stop working like it's the 90s. Your Agency is better than this!

IFP is a classic example of how a high-growth-high-pace event management firm used Gridle to close more deals and organized the world class event they set out to deliver.