A Fundamentally Better way to Grow your Sales.

Everything you need from Contacts and Deals to Reminders and Reporting, all in one intuitive and deeply customisable platform. No more multiple subscriptions and juggling between apps.

Close more Deals. Make more Sales.

Fully Automated, Featured and Contextual Sales CRM.


Your Emails, Calls and Progress are tracked Automatically.


Forecast Revenue and pick the Deals that are most likely to close.


Almost every part is customizable. Set it up the way you want.

Import your Contacts

  • Get started straight away by effortlessly importing your contacts with Gridle's Import Templates.
  • Get rid of Duplicate or Incomplete Contacts with Intelligent Importer.
  • Access your entire database from any platform and create contact groups with ease.

Customize your Sales Funnel

  • Leads: Create short term business scenarios with a high potential Lead list.
  • Statuses: Create custom statuses based on the sales process for your own business.
  • Overview: Get total and complete over-view of your sales pipeline in a single screen.

Seize Opportunity

  • Visualize clearly as to which potential clients bear the most profits.
  • Get notified and reminded on the next action items for every lead so you don't miss any opportunity.
  • Notes and Tasks help you keep information about every client at your fingertips.

Different Views

  • Pipeline View helps in visualizing complete sales pipeline in a single screen.
  • List View helps you in understanding the next steps, see database and filter based on your criteria.
  • Calendar View helps you in knowing what action items have been done and which ones are pending.

Kick*ss Sales Teams use Gridle

Wait, there's more..

Small little things that just make ‘Using Gridle’, the best decision you will make this year!


Integrate applications you already use to get notifications right within Gridle.

Bank Grade Security

Gridle offers 256 bit SSL encryption to all your data. In transit and at rest.

24*7 Support

Once done, you will wish every company had their customer support like we do.

The Weapon of Choice for Growing Companies

Gridle is a fully Automated, Featured and Contextual Sales CRM that actually helps Sales Teams focus on what they do best: Sales.